• Verge: The Emergence is an exciting new card game from Cross Faction Games, featuring huge monsters, giant robots, and more, fighting in humanity's far future!
• Two players fight for dominance of an alien planet using customizable, asymmetric decks of cards.
As the humans, fight for survival with an array of fast-deploying units, including giant piloted robot combat suits.
As the monster, defend the planet with a creature of your own design, then evolve an even more powerful version in-game.
• Features entirely modular expansions — our Compartmental Card Game distribution format gives players more control over how they play the game.
• Expansions consist of pre-constructed decks for Monsters and Humans, sold as a pair, and a separate completion kit containing all cards necessary to complete a playset of every card in the expansion decks.
• This model allows for players to jump into the game and start playing immediately and to expand upon the base game in a user-friendly way, while also giving hardcore players maximum flexibility.

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We're cool people! I promise!

Patrick Marchi is our creative director, meaning that he mostly writes flavor text. Occasionally he is asked for his opinions specifically because he doesn't know anything about how games work, presumably so that the exact opposite of whatever he says can then be applied to Verge.

Jacob Morris is one of our two Designers, and is the progenitor of the idea which eventually became Verge. Jake loves dragons. Please talk to him about those.

Zac Bauermeister is the other of our two Designers. He also made much of our preliminary art and iconography. He is responsible for many nonsense words in beta content (e.g. "fodgel") which will make it into the final product over Patrick's cold, cold grave.

Benjamin Finkel is in charge of Development, which basically means that he keeps Jake and Zac from screwing up. He is very, very good at it, which means we shouldn't need any bizarre deckbuilding constraints introduced two years into the game's life.


email us at info@crossfactiongames.com if you need assistance!